March 8 -  March 11, 2019

The Snake Valley Astro Camp! March 8– 12 2018
Camp commences midday, Friday 8th March and concludes midday Tuesday 13th .
The Saturday night “Spit Roast under the Stars” will be on again. Cost will be $10 per
head meat and salads provided
PLEASE NOTE: Fees are unchanged except that for juniors (those who have not turned
18 by 24/3/17) a single fee of $10 will apply regardless of how many nights they stay.
Hopefully this will make the camp more affordable for families and juniors.
4 nights of beautiful dark sky away from City glare.
(plus casual visitors also welcome, if setting up gear a $5- fee will apply)
- The observing field has 240 volt mains Power
- There are 11 bunkhouses (from 2 to 8 bunks) and lots of camping space on the
observing field.
- Caravans welcome.
- Hot showers & toilets in a caravan park style amenities block.
- Large dining room for about 60 people
- Recreation room (billiards, table tennis)
- Fully equipped kitchen with all cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery, fridges etc.
- Lake for swimming, fishing, canoeing etc.
- BBQ facilities
*Please note, Bunkhouses CANNOT be booked for one night only.
Exceptions are accepted if you are in a shared bunkhouse with others staying more than
one night. Alternatively, the campsite is available for one night if that's all you can stay.
* Alcohol is allowed, but 'drunkenness' or use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated.
* Aerosols of any description (Aeroguard, deodorant etc) are TOTALLY BANNED on the
observing field. Stray spray could (and has) permanently damage optics.
* A red light only policy is in place on the observing field after dark. Lap top screens are
to be suitably shielded and dimmed. DIM Red Lights (Red LED Head Torches, etc) are
acceptable. PLEASE NOTE, a sheet of cellophane taped over a tactical flashlight is not a
DIM red light. If a white light must be used, please warn nearby observers before
turning it on.
* Persons violating above rules will be asked to leave and will forfeit fees paid.
* We would prefer for the field to be smoke free, please consider those around you
Snake Valley Astronomy Camps are fun, low key, social events. A white light ban is in
force (as expected), but due to the nature of our camps, imagers and observers are all
mixed in together having a great social astronomy experience.
The camp is held at Crystal Lake Cabins in Snake Valley. Street address is 554 Linton-
Carngham Rd, Snake Valley VIC 3351. If coming from Melbourne travel to Ballarat then
take the Glenelg Highway to Linton and turn right onto the Snake Valley-Carngham Rd.
The campsite is on your right before getting to the township of Snake Valley. Please be
aware that the Snake Valley Observatory run by the Snake Valley Astronomical
Association is not the site of the camp.
The Campsite is a private business that we hire for the duration of the camp.
The 11 bunkhouses range from 2, 4, or 6 bunks up to several with 8 bunks (4 sets of
upper and lower bunks).
They have mattresses, but no bed linen. You will need to supply your own sheets,
blankets, doona's, and pillows. Or just throw a sleeping bag on the mattress.
The observing field/camping area is on a very gentle slope to assist drainage, bordered
on the west by trees and the road, and on the east by the lake. Plenty of room for a lot
of people to camp and set up.
240v power is supplied.
Very dark. There is a faint light dome visible low in the east, coming from Ballarat,
Melbourne and Geelong.
Solar Observing during the day. We will try and organise a workshop or two over the
weekend. Will advise details once they have been finalised.
The kitchen is fully equipped.
All cutlery, cooking utensils, pots, pans, jugs, you name it, it's probably there!
Microwaves, grillers, enormous gas ovens and stove top, 3 fridge/freezers.
All you need is your food.
There are supplies available locally.
3k - Snake Valley General Store: Basic groceries, petrol etc
closes 12:00 Sat, shut Sunday
5k - Linton Store: Basic groceries, petrol, hot fish & chips, hamburgers etc.
Open 7 days till 8pm
12k - Smythesdale: Supermarket, petrol, shops.
Open 7 days
20 minutes - Ballarat
LOCAL SIGHTS: Nimmons Bridge, Computer Museum, Jubilee Gold Mine Historic
Reserve, Sovereign Hill, etc.
(to allow more people to attend the camp some people may have to share a bunkhouse)
PLEASE NOTE: No booking will be regarded as firm until payment is made.
Membership fee (Compulsory for all staying overnight) $10
Please contact Malcolm Barker via email on [email protected] or by
phoning 0352313048 or via PM on Ice in Space, user name barx1963 if you have any
queries about the fees
Bunkhouses (per person)*
2 nights $60.00
3 nights $80.00
4 nights $100.00
Campsite (per person)
1 night $25.00
2 nights $50.00
3 nights $75.00
4 nights $95.00
Juniors under 18 - $10 regardless how many nights or whether staying in bunkhouses or
Children under 5 y.o. - free
Please book in by completing details on PDF booking form available on the website.
Please scan completed form and return to us via email
[email protected] along with a payment receipt (see below).
Please note: The camp will be proceeding regardless of rain, wind, snow or cloud. When
booking in, please consider that refunds will not be given if pulling out due to the
weather forecast.
If you have any queries or would like assistance with your booking, I can be contacted
via email on [email protected] or by phoning 0352313048 or via PM on
Ice in Space, user name barx1963.
Payment details:
BSB 063510
Account 10397720
Please include your name in the detail field when making a payment. If possible email a
copy of the payment receipt [email protected]

March 2019 Camp Booking Form
More info can be found by dowloading the pdf file below
March 2019 Camp Info Sheet